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Who is Ted?

While Stanley has focused on the issues at hand, Ted, with the help of New York and California billionaires, has chosen to spend tens of thousands of his out-of-state donors' dollars on smear campaigns and lies about both Stanley's record and his own.


If Ted's willing to lie for power, how can we trust him to represent us?


Ted is facing serious PFD fraud allegations

It's time for Ted to come clean about why he applied for a 2017 PFD in apparent violation of eligibility laws.


Who is Ted working for? (it's New York billionaires, not Alaskans)

Ted's campaign is being fueled by out-of-state billionaires in New York, California, and Massachusetts.


Ted's Big Lie: Stanley is running Anchorage's homelessness response.

Stanley's four-person program at the health department has  nothing to do with the homelessness response in Anchorage.


Ted is lying to Alaskans about his Alaska residency

Ted has not lived in Alaska for anywhere near a decade, and was first eligible for a PFD in 2018.


Public safety? Not so much.

As recently as 2021, Ted was still donating to his friends in Wisconsin, including a governor infamous for facilitating the early release of heinous murderers and rapists.

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