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Ted's campaign is fueled by billionaire dark money - none of it's from Alaska

Ted's billionaire friends from the Lower 48 have spent tens of thousands of dollars spreading smears about Stanley. Groups with intentionally misleading names like "Putting Alaskans First," "American Leadership Committee-Alaska," and "The Alaska Center IE" are quite literally fronts for out-of-state billionaires seeking to interfere in our elections.

Marc Merrill, responsible for one of the largest sexual harassment scandals in tech industry history, has spent $25,000+ to elect Ted

Marc donated $25,000 to the "Putting Alaskans First Committee," the same special interest spreading lies about Stanley's job - lies that Ted himself is now parroting. Marc also donated nearly $3 million to the Unite America PAC, which in turn donated $352,500 to PAFC in a twisted web of dark money funding.

Marc is the founder and CEO of Riot Games, a video game company that was rocked by one of the most serious sexual harassment scandals in tech industry history. Riot Games was forced to pay out $100 million to the victims. To this day, Marc has never been held responsible for his role in developing and fostering the abusive and sexist culture that existed at Riot Games for nearly a decade.

To top if off, Marc accumulated his $200 million net worth by selling his video game company to one of China's largest media conglomerates.

Kathryn Murdoch, New York billionaire and Murdoch media empire heiress, has spent $353,000 to elect Ted

Kathryn married into the Murdoch media empire, and is based out of New York City. She is the primary donor and operator of the Unite America PAC, which contributed $352,500 to PAFC and their efforts to smear Stanley. Kathryn is an out-of-state billionaire with a long history of meddling in Alaskan elections.

Farhad Ebrahimi, Massachusetts's trust-fund billionaire, has spent $75,000 to elect Ted

Farhad is the son of Fred Ebrahimi, a software magnate who immigrated from Iran. Farhad lives in Boston and spends his trust fund on various causes, which apparently include electing Ted Eischeid. Farhad donated $75,000 to The Alaska Center IE which is spending big on behalf of Ted.

Nancy Pelosi's political machine is backing Ted, and their PAC doesn't have a single Alaskan donor

The American Leadership Committee-Alaska doesn't have a single Alaskan donor. It's entire endowment came from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee in Washington, D.C. - an organization run by New York State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and California Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins (source).

We can't trust Ted to represent us

The money flowing in from out-of-state billionaires in New York, California, and Boston far outweighs the small amount of money Ted has bothered to raise from Alaskans. Ted's debt to these mega-financiers and out-of-state special interests runs deep. Make no mistake - billionaires expect something in return for their cash.


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