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Ted donated multiple times to infamously soft-on-crime governor

In both July 2021 and October 2018, Ted Eischeid donated to Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (source). Evers is best known for expanding and continuing to defend an early release program for violent offenders - an issue that was all over the news in Wisconsin when Ted made his July 2021 donation.

Warning: Graphic content ahead.

[Tony Evers] appointee granted discretionary paroles to: a man who cut his wife’s head off and burned it in a stove; a gang rapist who slashed a woman’s throat and left her to die in a manure pit; a man who brutally beat and murdered a small toddler; a rapist/strangler who broke into the home of a young med tech and brutally killed her; and many more. He doesn’t tell the public that killers were paroled without multiple victims’ family members knowing about the parole hearings, a responsibility of the state Department of Corrections that the governor directly controls. Despite all of that, the governor recently told the Wisconsin State Journal that he thinks the parole process has worked. (Source)

In January 2018, prior to Ted's first donation, Evers' lieutenant governor joked the reducing prison population was now "sexy" (source).

For his part, Evers only reversed his position this June, finally firing the parole board chairman that he'd appointed twice. This only happened after an investigative report was published in June (source). Ted made his second donation the very next month.


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