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Setting the record straight on Ted's nasty smear campaign

Ted continues to plaster East Anchorage with ads falsely claiming that Stanley has "led" Anchorage's homelessness response. The truth is that Stanley is not involved in Anchorage's homelessness response. In fact, it's one of the most extreme lies we've ever seen during a political campaign.

After being caught in a lie, Ted did what what career politicians always do. He backtracked and moved the goalposts, inventing a whole new set of lies to cover the first. Ted is now claiming that Stanley is somehow simultaneously "leading the homelessness response" while also being "nowhere to be found."

What does Stanley actually do?

Stanley's works as the program manager for the health department's Community Systems Development team. CSD is responsible for administrating federal Housing and Urban Development grant funding. CSD is not housed with the the Homeless Services Division, much less involved with operations at Centennial Campground or the Sullivan Arena. HUD dollars are typically used for the construction of affordable housing.

While Ted falsely claims that Stanley is unqualified for his job, the reality is that the CSD program has returned to compliance with HUD's grant spending requirements for the first time since 2020 under Stanley's tenure.

Out-of-State Origins

Ted picked up this false line of attack from a California millionaire named Marc Merrill who is running attack ads through a pro-Ted special interest group. In case there's any doubt, even the original mailer warns Alaskans that this vicious attack is an attempt by non-Alaskans to manipulate our elections.

Lie #1: Stanley is leading Anchorage's homelessness response

While we're happy that Ted acknowledges Stanley's extensive volunteer work in our community, Stanley's day job pertains to federal funding for affordable housing construction and is not related to the homelessness response. Stanley is not involved in operations at Centennial Campground or the Sullivan Arena. The Municipality has an entirely separate division called the Housing Homeless Services Division that manages the homelessness response in coordination with the mayor's office.

Lie #2: A health department press release claimed Stanley was leading the homelessness effort

You'll note that Ted uses weasel phrases like "the press release says the word homelessness X number of times" or Stanley "coordinates" with the folks who do manage the homelessness response.

That's because the press release never actually says Stanley is working the homelessness response, rather it notes that affordable housing, like many economic development processes, plays a role in addressing homelessness. It also notes that coordination between government entities working on adjacent topics is necessary and expected.

Lie #3: Stanley is leading the homelessness effort because he attended two HHAND Commission meetings

If Ted had ever attended a HHAND Commission meeting, he would know that HHAND stands for "Housing, Homeless and Neighborhood Development Commission." Stanley runs Anchorage's HUD program, which plays a key role in affordable housing projects in Anchorage, thus he attends HHAND meetings when his expertise is needed.

Lie #4: Stanley is one of Mayor Bronson's "chief bureaucrats"

Ted's smear campaign also accused Stanley of being one of Mayor Bronson's "chief bureaucrats." Stanley has in fact never met with Mayor Bronson in his capacity as a Municipality employee, was never interviewed or selected by the mayor, and is not a member of the health department's executive team.

Lie #5: Stanley shut down the Sullivan Arena because he once responded to a text message from a shelter employee

At this point, we're in the realm of the truly absurd. We can only assume that Ted, due to his complete lack of knowledge about Anchorage, doesn't realize that the Sullivan's previous operator, 99+1, also manages other long-term housing programs and was interested in HUD funding beyond the closure of the Sullivan.

Had Ted attended a HHAND Commission meeting or involved himself in the homelessness response at any point, he would have known this.

Ted goes on to claim - without the slightest shred of evidence - that Stanley never called the shelter employee as he promised in the text, and this somehow led to the closure of the Sullivan. We're not sure how Ted came to either of these false conclusions, but voters should think twice about supporting a candidate who lies this easily.

Ted also lies about his own involvement with homelessness

Ted claims he "went to work" when Centennial Campground was opened to those experiencing homelessness, but of course Ted doesn't explain how. Anyone who's been part of the public discussion surrounding homelessness in recent years knows Ted has never been a participant in any initiative to address homelessness. This is self evident given his incredibly poor understanding of how the Anchorage homelessness response works.

In fact, Ted isn't even in Anchorage most of the time. Ted spends his days in the Mat-Su where he has worked ever since moving to Alaska in 2016. Read Ted's resume for yourself:


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