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Eischeid's allies continue to lie about Ted's Alaska residency

This week, the Wright Campaign launched a new mailer, highlighting the dangers of electing an out-of-state politician with a record of hiking taxes on the most vulnerable and lying to Alaskans.

In addition to falsely claiming that Ted has lived in Alaska for over a decade when he was still an elected politician in Wisconsin until 2016, Ted's out-of-state friends are now attempting to fool Alaskans that their candidate will "fight" for the PFD.

The reality is that Ted is backed by the same political entities that have spent millions in recent years supporting candidates who strongly oppose the PFD. In fact, Ted's largest individual donor is Bill Walker's top financier and political ally, Robin Brena.

The mailer contrasts Ted's abysmal record with Stanley's proven message. Electing Stanley Wright is a guarantee that East Anchorage will send a true ALASKAN representative to Juneau who understands how important the PFD is to Alaskans in these tough times.

Unlike Ted, Stanley lives and works right here in Anchorage, and has proven track record of community service to our community.


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