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It's time for Ted to come clean about PFD fraud allegations

Records uncovered this week, show that Ted Eischeid applied for a PFD in 2017.

Source: Department of Revenue website.

The problem is, Ted wasn't eligible to receive a PFD until 2018. By Ted's own admission, he didn't move to Alaska until June 2016, missing the 2017 PFD cutoff date by at least five months.

Records obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources show that Ted applied for a Wisconsin resident fishing license in April 2016.

Finally, Ted was still a sitting Wisconsin politician until April 2016, and was present in Fond Du Lac County Board of Supervisors' meetings in March 2016.

In case there's any doubt whether Ted realized what he was doing, the PFD application makes the residency requirements explicitly clear. For example, the 2022 form reads:

PFD fraud is a serious crime in Alaska. Ted should come clean about why he tried to claim a PFD he wasn't eligible for, and Alaskans should think twice about electing someone who appears willing to do whatever it takes for personal gain.


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